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Lexi Sharkov12/20/231 min read

2023 Recap: Must-have resources for Quality leaders

With less than two weeks left of 2023, there's no better time to reflect back on the impressive work we've seen from quality teams around the globe. And we mean impressive. Too often, quality folks are expected to manage compliance and complete their tasks with little to no resource investment, meaning they're frequently overworked and understaffed. But despite these restraints, quality teams are still serving as the backbone of the life sciences space, making this year's incredible scientific advancements possible.

But safety, quality, and business only improve when QA teams are given the tools they need to succeed. With the right resources, quality professionals can control quality and stay compliant from anywhere with less stress, less complexity, and more support. After all, that's why we built ZenQMS.

And it's also why we spent time in 2023 creating free eQMS guides, curating quality tips and best practices for quality leaders, and creating moments for the quality community to come together. As you reflect back on a successful season and begin planning for the year ahead, take a look at some of our most helpful resources for quality leaders committed to improving safety and compliance.

Resources for getting started with an eQMS:


Resources for securing the quality budget and buy-in you need:


Resources to ensure you're getting the right eQMS:

At ZenQMS, we're incredibly thankful to have enjoyed a year of growth, impact, and learning. Here's to the people who have supported us along the way, the clients who've allowed us to be partners on their quality journeys, and the quality community who continues to drive success at life science organizations around the world. We'll see you in the new year!