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Jonah Krakow02/06/245 min read

4 Signs an eQMS has a Support Team you’ll love

Moving to an electronic quality management system (eQMS) is a BIG investment, and we’re not just talking about money (although getting budget approval for an eQMS is always a huge win!) It’s also an investment in the time and resources it takes to implement and maintain it. With so much at stake for life science companies, it’s no wonder the job can become stressful. Sometimes quality folks need help!

That’s why establishing trust and open communication between you and your vendor’s support team is so critical and should be part of every eQMS vetting process. Have you found the right one? Here are 4 signs that let you know you’re on the right track:

#1 Fast Responses

Duh. When you have questions, you don’t want to wait hours, or even days, for a response. That’s especially true when you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive implementation or inspection. You need to know there’s a friendly, capable person on the other side ready to help...and fast! 

The ZenQMS Client Services team has steadily decreased its average ticket response time to 30 minutes or less. While we’ve heard horror stories about support teams at other eQMS companies responding days or even weeks later, that’s simply unacceptable to our team. 

“ZenQMS is the most cost effective electronic quality management solution available today. ZenQMS also has the best customer service of any company in any industry.” -Jason Bissey, Senior Director of Quality Assurance at Xeremis

Quality professionals are used to wearing multiple hats and juggling multiple projects simultaneously. Quick responses are one example of how our support team acknowledges that we value their time as much as they do. 

“The response times were unbelievable. Especially coming from my most recent experience with a different eQMS where we’d never get that type of service, the whole process was seamless.” - Theresa Sheehan, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance at Uniquity Bio


#2 Thorough Resolutions and Implementations

It’s one thing to receive a timely response. It’s another to receive the right response that keeps projects on schedule. After all, Quality teams are often small and agile. They need help desk support that can keep up! 

“It would take days to get a response from [the previous eQMS vendor]. Now when I put in a ticket with ZenQMS, I can grab a cup of coffee and 30 minutes later, their team has run the report, made the change, emailed me the report, and closed it out.” - Phillip Strickland, Director of Quality Assurance at TD2 

The same impulse that drives fast ticket resolutions should apply to implementations as well. Yes, an eQMS implementation is a big project with many moving parts, but waiting a year to finally see a return on that investment doesn’t do anybody any good. 

The goal at ZenQMS is to have our client’s implementation completed within 90 days. And more often than not, it can be completed even faster. It takes communication and collaboration between the Project Manager and the Implementation Specialist, but our experienced team has built a step-by-step process to make the setup of our eQMS seamless and stress-free. Once your team is ready to go, so are we!

"We are thrilled! We could not have implemented these modules so quickly without the ZenQMS help desk’s attention to detail and expertise. I found this to be one of the most – dare I say – enjoyable implementation processes that I have gone through.” - QA Administrator at Arbor Biotechnologies

#3 Diverse Skill Sets

The stakes are high in life science. Part of putting your trust in a support team is being assured that you’ll be working with a courteous, competent, and motivated representative on the other end of the line. Not all vendors are created equal.  

“We’ve come to ZenQMS with some ridiculous challenges and timelines and we wouldn’t have returned if the staff weren’t outstanding to work with.” - Scott Harris, Vice President of Information at TriRx Pharmaceutical Services

Every member of the ZenQMS Client Services team is a full-time employee, trained in-house across multiple disciplines, and ready to answer questions and resolve issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Although they have their specialties, all are knowledgeable about:

  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training
  • and Consultation

No matter who you speak to, rest assured, they’ve got your back.

“The support that ZenQMS gave throughout our implementation and onboarding process was invaluable. It’s what we needed for our growing company.”  - Allie Foco, Quality Assurance Engineer at Autumn Harp

#4 Willingness to go the extra mile

Think of your favorite restaurant, hair salon, or clothing store. You keep returning because they have what you like and their staff takes care of you. They’re constantly working to earn your business. Who says a software company shouldn’t act the same way? 

Your questions are important. Your feedback is important. Your opinions are important. As a customer, you need to know that when you need help, your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.

“My experience was excellent! I’ve dealt with companies where the ticket would be closed without any further information or guidance because it wasn’t in their wheelhouse. ZenQMS reviewed my issue, asked for clarification, then determined it was an IT issue and showed me how to place a ticket with them. That is invaluable support.” - Quality Administrator at Marken

Alongside industry-leading support, ZenQMS has a number of other resources available to customers: 

  • Monthly Quality Labs: Webinars hosted by our Client Services team that demonstrate the newest, most helpful features of the app. 
  • Office Hours: Longer, one-on-one consultations with a member of the Client Services team that just require an appointment, not a ticket.
  • The ZenQMS Knowledge Base: A database with informative articles and how-to videos so quality folks can help themselves 24/7. 

“The ZenQMS help desk team is phenomenal. I just can't say how much of a difference they make for us." - Senior Document Control Specialist at Bimeda

Whether your team is big or small, pre-clinical or commercial, or anywhere in between, the ZenQMS Client Services team is here to reduce your stress. If you’re interested in working with an entire eQMS vendor with the same philosophy, we invite you to learn more.