08.20.2019 Panos Boudouvas

    Announcing the Life Sciences Quality Leaders Forum

    QFL-brought-to-you-by-ZenQMSI am frequently in meetings with quality leaders and regulatory experts where I find myself wishing I could share some part of the conversation or findings with a broader audience.  Something about the current state of affairs, best practice or just a really eloquent description of a pain point and how they are managing.  

    We discovered the power of this approach in Boston 3 years ago when we hosted 40+ quality professionals in a room to walk through Document Management system design consideration points for early stage companies and Preclinical/Clinical war stores for a few hours in Central Square.  It was not a commercial for ZenQMS-- I think the name was mentioned once in the entire event. It was established quality leaders and operators in an open forum.

    With that in mind, we are (finally!) taking our show on the road by launching The Life Sciences Quality Leaders Forum to bring together industry veterans and rising stars who have successfully implemented a culture of intelligent quality in their organization.  These live and local events will be complemented with virtual events to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on the challenges and opportunities faced by life sciences companies.  

    Published by Panos Boudouvas August 20, 2019
    Panos Boudouvas