04.8.2015 Panos Boudouvas

    AWS is in the lead with data security, and it isn't even close.

    We spend a great deal of time focusing on data security in our applications, and picking the right infrastructure partner is a critical consideration. Forrester research just put out an updated analysis worthy of your review.

    In their report, “The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Platform Service Providers’ Security, Q4 2014”, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the only provider placed in the leader category. Since 1983, Forrester Research has provided advice on existing and potential impact of technology to its clients and the public.

    If you are considering moving any business processes to the cloud, we know security is your #1 concern. At ZenQMS, we offer a cloud based quality management system, so we are dedicated to the privacy and security of our clients’ data. We are asked the same question frequently: “Is my data secure?” The report evaluated a total of four leading cloud service provides: AWS, CenturyLink, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure. Of the four, Forrester concluded that, “It was also clear that all the participants take information security very seriously; however only one vendor (AWS) in our Forrester Wave had the breadth of security technology partnerships to provide adequate support in their public cloud environment.”.

    So how did AWS grab the top spot among public cloud security offerings? Forrester Researchers said AWS has a “broad set of security capabilities in data center security, certifications and network security.” They also said it excelled in customer satisfaction, security services partnerships and a large installed base. Additionally, AWS has the largest development and technical support teams.

    Please click here to access the full report

    How will you start to redefine the processes and controls you have in place today to manage documents, training, issue investigations, CAPA’s and audits? How will you use the economies of scale that cloud-based software provides? A great first step is to call ZenQMS today and see how you can start improving this quarter.

    Note: Screen Cap in this blog post is sourced from “The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Platform Service Providers’ Security, Q4 2014” report

    Published by Panos Boudouvas April 8, 2015
    Panos Boudouvas