08.10.2020 Jen Rajchel

    Even more insight into quality issues with our 2020.2 release [video]

    Actionable insights, confidence in completed tasks, and clear context are key to managing quality, so we're excited to share with you how our 2020.2 release can help. 

    But first, gratitude for our ZenQMS community and their insights.

    Before we kick off the highlight tour, we'd like to take a moment to thank the ZenQMS community. You worked with us and suggested many of the highlights in our 2020.2 release.

    Our goal as partners on your quality journey is to collaborate with you and bring you the best quality management experience. We believe that part of the power of community is innovating together, so please continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us. 

    Tour the 2020.2 release highlights

    Our Development Project Manager, Sam Heck, who works with our development and design teams to make the magic happen will give you a brief tour of the what's new in ZenQMS 


    • Enhanced context with a revised e-signature flow
    • Confidence in completion with new visual indicators
    • Even more insight into issues with our enhanced Issues table experience 



    Join us for ZenQMS Community Office Hours 

    Our Project Development Manager, Sam Heck and our Director of Customer Success, Emily Ruth will be kicking off our inaugural Zen Community Office Hours. ZenQMS Community Office Hours* is an opportunity for you to learn from our ZenQMS team and community members. 

    Join us on Wednesday, August 13th at 1pm EST. 




    * Please note that Community Office Hours are for current clients. If you would like to learn more about ZenQMS, we would love to give you a tour. Click here to schedule time for a demo.

    Published by Jen Rajchel August 10, 2020
    Jen Rajchel