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Emily Ruth08/27/192 min read

How Using Courses to Maintain your Company’s Training Matrix is Just Like College

When you think about it, a department, job function or role within a company can be easily be compared to working towards a degree with a specific major.  At most any University or College, there will be requirements that apply to all enrolled students as well as courses that are required for specific majors. And for each course requirement, there are quizzes, tests, and papers that need to be written to pass that course. 

Likewise, in a regulated Life Sciences company, there are universal (company-wide) compliance requirements that every employee must be trained on and an additional set of specific SOP’s that are relevant to their specific job function in order for the company to maintain compliance.  And each SOP may require participating in training classes, taking quizzes or tests, reading, videos etc.

Much like a being able to audit a college student to determine if they have met all of the requirements to graduate with a certain major, the same can be done for every job role within a company and the SOP’s associated with that role.

The top 3 benefits for using courses to maintain your training matrix:

  1. Ease of assigning users to all role specific SOP’s at once – Utilizing courses allows you to assign a user to all role associated SOP’s all at once, rather than adding each user to each SOP individually, which is insanely time consuming. Especially, when there are 100+ SOP’s that the role must train on. Getting new team members trained is as easy as adding them to their role(group), they are then automatically assigned to the role designated course.
  2. Ease of finding a user’s compliance status – Why scroll through SOP after SOP or a user’s long list of training records in their dossier just to find a user’s compliance status. This can easily be found in the details of the role specific course.  In the case that you may need to access one of the individual documents, this can also be done within the course details, in the course syllabus.
  3. Ease of managing version updates – one of the best benefits to utilizing courses is in its automation of replacing SOP’s when they are up-versioned. You do not have to worry about staying on top of manually replacing and re-assigning users to the new version, the course functionality has that covered. If an SOP becomes Obsolete or does not apply to that role anymore, it can simply be removed from the syllabus.

Make your life and the life of the “students” of your company easier by using courses to help you maintain your company’s compliance and to help you manage your complex training matrix.