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I made a promise this past January—did I keep it?  And what’s a ‘ZenQMS’ anyway?

Posted by Panos Boudouvas on Apr 7, 2015 4:13:00 PM
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Introducing ZenQMS: Elevating Your Quality Compliance Profile Just Got That Much Easier!

On 5-January-2014 I made some promises about our exciting plans for 2014:

2014 is poised to be an amazing year for QAB and our awesome members who believe the industry should demand a simple yet robust set of tools that support their QMS without breaking the bank. Remember the most unique aspects about the Quality Cloud are that it’s easy to implement/use, it’s affordable, and it’s built with a modern, SaaS platform that immediately connects you to all your suppliers/clients for critical to quality activities. So get excited!


We started the year with a significant release, and followed with major release in May that included a full featured Issue investigation & CAPA module. These releases were free for all subscribers, fully validated and completely painless (of course!). Thanks for all your positive feedback and great ideas!

Here is the Update: we are taking a huge leap with our next major release, which includes an amazing Document Management module for all your critical files with an elegant and fully integrated Training component. These two components were critical in our ability to make good on my January promise. And while the functional requirements are everything you demand (version control, strict security, permission access, automated workflow, periodic reviews, closed-loop training, escalation and notice, simple reporting, etc.) the implementation will simply blow you away. See pictures here.

Your team can load all its SOPs, Work Instructions, Policies and even Training Videos to one place—any file format goes! Access to past versions is strictly controlled, and users only see what they have created or have access too. Users can keyword search EVERYTHING. Automated workflows ensure documents remain current or get flagged for archive subject to category policies. You can create as many documents as you need…it scales beautifully and there are no penalties or overage for data storage. It’s pretty great.

But wait there’s more!

Because we went ahead and added a fully integrated Training module. Any effective Controlled File can now instantly be assigned to a user or group for training. Assignments are immediately posted to a user’s dossier (pending effective dates), and any pending or overdue trainings will trigger alerts as necessary. Courses can be created from many individual Controlled Files and assigned the exact same way. The training module also allows local managers to track participating in local group training events as they appear (no more paper sign in sheets—hooray!).

And since we eliminated seat licenses globally, your entire company can log in day one to access important documents or complete/record their training. That means there is no excuse for sloppy/missing training records. It just won’t happen any more. In fact, users logging into our gorgeous new dashboard are literally one click away from completing open training assignments. It’s that easy.

  • Managers have instant visibility into their teams’ or the whole company’s compliance status.
  • Team leaders can verify compliance for the whole group before starting a production run.
  • And Audit hosts can pull full training dossiers for any individual or for individual Controlled Files/Courses/Training Events in just seconds.

And Even MORE!

We like to keep things simple, and that goes for pricing most of all. These new modules are part of the global application—no extra costs for them whatsoever. Any QAB Pro subscriber will have full access for ALL of their users immediately. You simply pay as you increase your usage of the application. Click to see our transparent policy here.

About the name/logo: We set off to do something amazing for our industry that has been told that their only alternatives are paper/excel, homegrown software or outdated, expensive and non-user friendly ‘enterprise’ products. Our new platform reinvents the eQMS category with an emphasis on customer experience, inclusion, collaboration and access. So a name change was in order, and ‘ZenQMS’ captures the spirit of how we feel about our software and mission. The logo will evolve as we pursue perfection in our software—it’s an enso circle after all! Members/subscribers don’t need to do anything, just accept our apologies for the progress on these public pages. The application will not be affected.

What does it all mean?

So here is where it all comes together—we felt (feel!) very strongly that any company that is serious about quality should have access to our tremendous tools to support that critical commitment. Paper/Excel/Homegrown systems just won’t do any more. And paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a customized heap of ‘enterprise software’ just doesn’t make sense any more—why pay more for less?

If you are serious about improving your quality profile give us a call for a demo, whether you are a 5 man start up or a have thousands of employees around the world we have something that you should see. It’s time to get going.


ZenQMS offers  a validated Quality Management System (QMS) with fast implementation and full features. Whether you are trying to improve your paper based QMS or build a new electronic Quality Management System, ZenQMS can help you implement an affordable QMS in less time and for less money that you might think.
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