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Jonah Krakow02/13/246 min read

The reviews are in! Users love ZenQMS!

Note: This article contains recent reviews of ZenQMS exclusively sourced from []. is a leading independent B2B software review site. Per their mission, all submissions undergo a rigorous review process by G2’s board to meet quality standards for authenticity, accuracy, and honesty.

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When designing ZenQMS, our objective was to build an electronic quality management system (eQMS) that was powerful, easy-to-use by everyone, and supported by a best-in-class team. They’re the reason our customers come to us and why they stay. Of course you’re thinking, EVERY eQMS says their platform is user-friendly…couldn’t be simpler…a child could navigate it blindfolded. So after a while, those claims can seem empty, like when a neighborhood restaurant brags that their ‘World Famous’ pizza is the ‘Best in Town’.  

But the thing is, we know we built the most user-friendly eQMS because our customers tell us all the time. It’s true because the reviews say it’s true! 

“[ZenQMS] is a no-brainer for executive buy-in. This is a great system and should be considered for any company that is currently using a paper-based QMS. Anything you can do on paper can be built in ZenQMS! The interface is very user-friendly and our users love it!” 

5 stars - Head of Quality at a biotechnology company

Quality Professionals Love Us!

When quality leaders say ZenQMS is easy-to-use, they’re not just talking about a specific feature. They’re talking about our entire approach to quality management. The stakes are too high in the Life Sciences industry to continue relying on manual tools and non-compliant spreadsheets, even if it’s what many in the industry are comfortable with. 

That’s why our platform is so unique: we paired the simplicity and configurability of traditional quality processes with the safety and security of an electronic system that meets all relevant compliance standards.

“ZenQMS has made managing Change Control effortless for our teams.” 

5 stars - Director of Supply Chain Management at a pharmaceutical company

Change Control web-3

The intuitive dashboard puts everything a quality professional needs right at their fingertips. The color-coded graphics immediately show what’s complete, what’s coming up, and what’s overdue. And documents and training records can be accessed across the entire enterprise in just a few clicks. The visibility and convenience this affords a quality leader can’t be denied.

“ZenQMS makes training management a breeze.” 

4.5 stars - Quality Assurance Officer at a pharmaceutical company

ZenQMS Training Dashboard

We didn’t overload our system with fancy bells and whistles that look great on paper but never get used. Instead we focused on what quality leaders really need: an integrated, configurable system that can be implemented quickly, with industry-leading customer support, to keep quality in a constant state of control.

“What we like best is how easy it is to set up and adapt to our needs.” 

5 stars - Quality Administrator at a biotechnology company

Of course, every quality leader needs help from time to time and that’s where ZenQMS really shines. Our in-house Client Services team is trained to respond quickly (our average response time is less than 30 minutes), and thoroughly (we don’t close tickets until you’re satisfied). And we don’t stop there! Our implementation timeline is fast (the target is 90 days) and our validation support is peerless (we provide a complete validation package to all clients at no additional charge). It’s a level of service you simply won’t find at any other eQMS company.

“The support team has exceeded all expectations. They are responsive and generous with their time.”

4.5 stars - Quality Administrator at a pharmaceutical laboratory

General Users Love Us!

Moving to an eQMS doesn’t just make life easier for the Quality department, it makes life easier for everyone at the company. When processes are automated and organized, users spend less time searching for SOPs to train on and more time working on higher priority projects. Building an easy-to-use eQMS was our priority, especially for general users who may only log into the system a few times a year. 

“New users find the system straightforward and easy-to-use; especially those who are not well-versed in computers and only log in to find documents or to train.” 

5 stars - System Administrator and Implementation Expert

Access to ZenQMS is permission-based down to the individual, so no one’s ever where they shouldn’t be. And as soon as they log in, they’re presented with the same clear dashboard telling them what to do and where to go. All they need is an internet-connected device. (Psst, this empowers them to take more responsibility for their own training, rather than having quality admins chase them down, begging for signatures.)

"The program functionality from a user’s perspective is made quick and easy. ZenQMS has all Quality Management systems in one secure location.”

5 stars - Senior QA Specialist at a pharmaceutical laboratory 

By simplifying the steps needed for general users to access ZenQMS, they can more quickly complete their tasks, maintain compliance, and move on with their day. It’s just common sense. A complicated quality system won’t get used, plain and simple. We built ZenQMS to be a system people like to use instead of something they avoid.

“From the end user side, the platform is intuitive and easy-to-use compared to other eQMS systems.” 

5 stars - Associate Director of Quality at a biotechnology company

C-Suite Users Love Us!

C-suite users (particularly CFOs) enjoy having ZenQMS as their quality management system less for what it has and more for what it doesn’t: a restrictive pricing model. We don’t charge by individual seat licenses or by modules because we know these limitations hamper innovation and growth. Again, it’s common sense. No CFO wants to hear that the Quality department needs more money whenever they want to add users or modules.

“The platform comes with access to all modules and does not follow the pay-per-user model found with other QMS platforms. The support provided by Customer Service, our Project Manager, QA, and others at ZenQMS have demonstrated that customer success is their priority.” 

5 stars - Quality Administrator at a pharmaceutical company

But beyond an affordable solution that doesn’t punish life science companies for rapid growth, ZenQMS provides more of what CFOs love: simple contracts and predictable pricing, as well as validation support and materials at no charge.

“ZenQMS provides a very professional service package, so users can easily know what to do in each phase without worrying about implementation, legacy document migration, validation, or UAT.”  

5 stars - Quality Administrator at a pharmaceutical company

We flipped the script on what life sciences companies can expect from their eQMS: effortlessly configurable, endlessly scalable, and refreshingly easy-to-use. Pre-clinical to commercial, ZenQMS was designed with everyone in life sciences in mind.

“Quality Leaders, particularly those at smaller companies, should really consider thinking 'out of the box' and using a system like ZenQMS over some of the bigger, higher-priced systems from your past.” 

5 stars - Head of Quality at a biotechnology company

To learn more about what makes us a better alternative to the more traditional eQMS solutions on the market, book a demo and find out!