07.8.2022 Panos Boudouvas

    We Fix Bad Haircuts

    *Author’s Note: I originally published this blog almost seven years ago, but the message is still relevant: If you’re struggling with a bad quality management system, ZenQMS can help.

    Like most people, I’m a creature of habit. For example, finding and keeping the same barber is a big deal for me, mostly because I need all the help I can get. I was lucky to find Mike a few years back; an older Italian-American who speaks broken English and reminds me of my dad. The guy is solid. I’ve never gotten a bad cut from him. Well, I had to get a haircut last week and Mike was not in town. So I chanced it — I jumped into Phil's chair and promptly got chopped.

    And I’m heading back to Mike the day he returns to get a tune-up!

    Why tell this story? As it happens, on the same day of my 'chop', a former prospect reached out to me because he needed help. Even though his quality team loved the usability and pricing of ZenQMS, senior management & IT pressured the company into choosing a company with a longer ‘history’. He was dealing with an IT department that valued bells and whistles and hardware requirements over their Quality team’s need for an easy-to-use, affordable QMS.

    They’d been promised a 6-month implementation at a substantial discount, which was perceived as a ‘great deal’. And yet, one year later, their system still wasn’t live, costs continued to mount, and the company wanted to take another look at our software.

    This wasn’t the first time I’d heard this story: extended timelines, overly-complex software, and hidden costs. The prospect’s situation was nothing new. So I don’t play the blame game. I simply ask folks to stay in touch as they go and remember that Quality doesn’t have to be a struggle. ZenQMS can fix bad haircuts, or in this case, broken promises.


    Published by Panos Boudouvas July 8, 2022
    Panos Boudouvas