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Lexi Sharkov08/28/234 min read

ZenQMS & SCORM: What it is and why it matters

As of today, SCORM training content can officially be added to ZenQMS! If you’re already using SCORM content for training, this integration means big things for your Quality team’s efficiency and audit-readiness. If you’re new to SCORM, now is a great time to check out how it can add an extra layer of accountability, reporting, and compliance to your training. 

No matter where you are in the SCORM journey, keep reading to get the breakdown of what it is, why we’re adding SCORM support, and how it works in ZenQMS.

What is SCORM? 

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model, and it sets a standard file type for training content so that it can be uploaded and used across different eLearning softwares. SCORM content pieces are basically zip files that contain quizzes, videos, and other learning material all embedded and organized into a cohesive training program. Plus, they’re completely customizable and can be built on your own or purchased.

If you ever completed company-required training online, you’ve probably interacted with SCORM content without realizing it.

What makes SCORM content items special is their ability to be used with a variety of eLMSs (electronic learning management systems) and eQMSs (electronic quality management systems). This not only makes coordinating training across departments simpler, but also makes it easier to transfer your training content if you ever decide to switch eLMS vendors.

Why is ZenQMS adding SCORM capabilities?

A lot of people already use SCORM to build their training programs, particularly in the HR, Legal, IT, and Safety departments. And this makes sense! SCORM allows for more robust training and in-depth testing. (Think interactive videos, fill-in-the-blank responses, etc.). Plus, aside from allowing you to better monitor training content consumption and compliance, SCORM comes with an extra benefit: there’s a large body of content that already exists and is available for purchase from various creators, like pre-built sales training or standard HR classes.

However, if the Quality team is using an eQMS that can’t integrate SCORM files, the company has to buy an additional piece of software that can host this content. That’s a problem, especially when custom SCORM content can cost several thousand dollars to create.

Not only is it expensive to purchase an extra piece of software, it also means the Quality team has to track training data across several different sources. That’s both less efficient and more liable for human error – two things that make any Quality team cringe.

By incorporating SCORM capabilities into the ZenQMS platform, we’re helping companies reduce their tech stack, and in turn, their overall risk. Plus, the new SCORM features make life simpler for Quality teams. Big win.

It’s important to note we took a conservative approach when implementing these features and partnered with the leading SCORM engine service that has been doing this for decades. This means you should be able to upload any SCORM compliant package into the ZenQMS platform.

How does SCORM work in ZenQMS?

First, if you aren’t planning on using any SCORM training content, nothing changes. You can continue using your current processes, business as usual. And that works – a training “course” in ZenQMS that includes “read and understood” training of SOPs/Work instructions/Video (including light quizzes) and on-the-job live training is a good equivalent.

If you are taking advantage of the SCORM capabilities, all of your SCORM training activity will take place in the Training Module you’re already familiar with. From there, you’ll have the option to add a new SCORM training item, where you’ll be directed to upload your content ZIP file. Just like your other documents and training in ZenQMS, your SCORM content pieces are version controlled so you stay audit-ready.

Once an employee is assigned a SCORM item, the training will appear on their dashboard and in their dossier. The best part about SCORM is its ability to provide more in-depth training insights. Instead of simply seeing “completed” or “not completed,” with SCORM, your Quality team can see important training data like pass/fail status, score percentage, the number of attempts made, and how long they’ve spent on any given training item. 

a screenshot of the SCORM dashboard in ZenQMS

Want to use SCORM content and ZenQMS’s traditional training tools? You can do that. For example, maybe you’re updating one small SOP and want to make sure everyone understands the changes. Adding a simple true/false or multiple choice challenge question could do the trick. Meanwhile, you’re onboarding a new employee and want to verify they know the entire lab cleaning procedure inside and out – that’s a job for in-depth SCORM training content.

No matter how you structure your training, ZenQMS’s SCORM capabilities mean you now have a single source of truth for all of your training data, no additional eLMS software needed. 

Does ZenQMS help me create or edit SCORM Packages?

Our role is to host and administer the SCORM packages you upload, however, the creation of those SCORM content packages happen outside our system. 

If you don’t already have a SCORM package, you can work with an outside organization to custom-build one tailored to your needs, purchase pre-built SCORM content, or work with your IT team to create, code, and package your own SCORM content. Because the creation of the SCORM content happens elsewhere, if the SCORM package you buy or build doesn't work as you intended, you’ll need to troubleshoot it with the original author. Though of course, if you need help with the ZenQMS application specifically, our team is ready with lightning-fast support as always!

To find out how to add SCORM content, how to assign users, and how to complete a SCORM training item, check out the FAQ here