04.7.2020 Panos Boudouvas

    Current Climate only emphasizes the need for efficient eQMS

    Amidst this turbulent moment in our lives, with a global pandemic threatening us and our loved ones directly, and the specter of the coming economic recession already making waves, it is important to acknowledge that the hard work of life sciences development and manufacturing continues.  And while global regulatory requirements remain in place, many companies will be forced to stretch budgets further and possibly with fewer FTEs (due to cuts). And in a new complication-- teams will have to truly do more (or everything!) remotely-- manage policies and related training compliance, investigate deviations, manage change controls, host/conduct audits, sign/review documents, etc. 

    For those relying on manual systems,  these conditions only exacerbate the problems you already know about in terms of scalability and inefficiency.  Some teams were already down the path in acquiring a platform only to find new concerns voiced about large price tags from your executive colleagues and boards. 

    So now more than ever we reiterate two key points:

    1. An eQMS platform can really help you operate more efficiently and in a more compliant way (see the articles below):
    2. Acquiring and implementing an eQMS just doesn’t have to break the bank. Really.  

    Give us a call, and let us help you spend more of your capital towards what really matters-- developing to your next clinical milestones or delivering for your clients.  

    Published by Panos Boudouvas April 7, 2020
    Panos Boudouvas