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Timothy Reinhardt

Timothy Reinhardt

Timothy Reinhardt has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1992, including 18 years of quality leadership at Pfizer Inc, with the most recent role as the Director of Manufacturing and Supplier Quality Assessment. Tim will be serving RMC clients as both a Senior Consultant and Site Manager for the RMC North Carolina operations in the Raleigh area.

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Timothy Reinhardt
By Timothy Reinhardt
on November 17, 2020

Shifts in the landscape of quality management training

When I started in the pharmaceutical industry nearly thirty years ago, training meant collecting large numbers of various staff members into a conference room on a slow day and methodically walking through a high-level general presentation packed with incidental information. This exercise was repeated annually for my first three years, with what seemed to me to only contain tiny alterations to the training material. Proficiency, engagement, and creativity were not a driving factor in the sessions. It seemed more about filling an afternoon and checking a box.