11.17.2015 Jeff Thomas

    The life of a Training Supervisor in a paper-based system: A Profile in Courage

    The life of a training supervisor in a paper-based system isn't an easy career when stuck in a situation that has no efficient way to manage a regulated environment. Your own training supervisor arguably has the most stressful job of all when you realize the magnitude behind keeping training records up to date. However, that's only starters once you place other aspects behind training management into perspective.

    Some of other parts of the job entail finding out when training documents expire, which departments are up to date on training, and tracking down who needs re-training.

    When your training supervisor has to do this with just paper documents throughout your company, it essentially turns into a job of plate-spinning. While you may think you have everything under control, place yourself in the training supervisor's shoes and realize how much work it takes them to get each department on the same page.

    Fortunately, with electronic quality management and document control systems available, things can change quickly. But let's see what your training supervisor is going through now in your paper-based environment. You need to see why you're giving them pain not upgrading to better technology.

    Making Sure Staff is Up to Industry Standards

    Keeping all employees up to date on industry standards by obtaining certifications is a necessary part of maintaining your company's strength. Continuing education is also vital to keep your employees licensed for their respective careers.

    Not staying on top of this can lead to issues not having properly licensed employees working in your company. Having your training supervisor keep up with expired training documents can potentially place your supervisor in an exasperated state trying to physically track down documents.

    Putting up with this for months or even years only leads to career burnout. You'll inevitably have to hire another training supervisor who won't realize how stressful the job is without seeing the realities behind how you manage things.

    Compliance Training

    While your training supervisor has to make sure your employees have proper certification, making sure every employee has compliance training is even more important. Without those working for you knowing how to deal with private customer data, your company increases liability risk in the case of not being compliant with specific procedures.

    The training supervisor has to keep up to date on these documents, including making sure every employee learns the latest updates on compliance rules. Tracking down these documents physically over and over again can lead to overt stress and perhaps overlooking something.

    An employee not knowing about compliance rules on one small procedure could place you in jeopardy of dealing with litigation from a customer or regulatory body. You don't want to face lawsuits because litigation fees cost thousands and only lets lawyers win in the end.

    Trying to Track Down Employees to Update Training

    No doubt your company has a multitude of employees working in myriad departments. Even if your training supervisor has an organized way of getting to every desk to keep updated on training documents, follow-ups can become burdensome.

    Without proper organization, following up on changes or edits on every training document could end up falling through the cracks. At this point, you need to realize that paper-based management systems have become too archaic for the challenges of companies today.

    Using eQMS software, you can finally get all of your documents organized for complete management, keeping on top of training documents, plus CAPA's, and audits. No more will you have to stress out your training supervisor with impossible tasks. Now you can give them freedom to know what's happening in every department without second-guessing.

    Visit us here at www.zenqms.com to find out more about our own eQMS and document control system and how efficiently it can keep you compliant on employee training.


    Published by Jeff Thomas November 17, 2015
    Jeff Thomas